Don’t hate on my mashed potatoes, Tyler!

Tyler just wrote a wonderful post about our dinner party from a week ago, on Columbus Day, and put a cute little quip in there about doubting my mashed-potato-making abilities that he thought I wouldn’t catch. FACT: I AM THE BEST AT MASHED POTATOES. When I was a junior in high school I dated this guy who had many, many faults, but knew how to make some mean mashed potatoes.  The version I made for Tyler & the dinner party is a mix of the way my mom used to make them and the way my ex used to make them.  Anyway, mashed potatoes are a dinner staple, and this is just about the easiest and tastiest way to make them, so if you don’t have a go-to method, start doing this:

You’re gonna need about as many potatoes as people you want to serve (e.g. for the dinner party, we had 6 people, so I used 6 potatoes), unless you want leftovers (then use more).  Also you’re gonna need butter, milk, and seasonings. Tyler and I use Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning, and then usually salt and pepper.  Besides the potatoes though, that’s stuff you probably have laying around your kitchen, so you won’t need to break budget on this recipe.  I think we used white potatoes, but you can also use gold potatoes (russet potatoes have too thick of a skin, in my opinion).

Start by boiling a pot of water, filled about halfway.  Then start washing your potatoes really well.  My mom has this little green scrub brush that she uses to thoroughly wash her potatoes before she cooks them, but alas, I did not have a little green scrub brush to work with.  I did, however, have potatoes with thin skin and Tyler’s grandpa’s hunting knife, so I skinned the potatoes over the running water that way. (You do not need to skin the potatoes; I really like mashed potatoes without the skin, but my mom always makes them with the skin, and they taste just fine.) Then you slice them so they’re in little disks, and put them in the boiling water.  Let them boil for about 12-15 minutes, then drain the pot.  Then–this is my favorite part– you get to mash the hell out of them.  They should be all soft and mashable now, having been boiled.  Start mashing, add a little milk, mash more, add a little butter, mash even more, add your seasonings, and then keep mashing until they’re done, adding seasonings to taste.  

Voila.  Tasty and super easy to make.  And if you’re cooking with Tyler, you can surprise him with your potato prowess.


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