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Experimental Recipe 1: Stirfry

Midterms & finals weeks are the only times my apartment is ever spotless.  Someone is always cleaning, and it’s not because we’ve suddenly developed compulsive cleaning habits like Tyler here, but because we’d rather do just about anything than study.  After I was done cleaning the kitchen a little over a week ago, when midterms first started, I decided, hey, I’ve got two papers to write, why don’t I cook something?! I had half a package of ground turkey in my freeze and half a yellow zucchini in my fridge.

Granted, this is a weird recipe.  But it turned out way better than I expected! I don’t cook with onions or garlic (I can’t even be in the same room as Tyler when he chops garlic), and I found the addition of the apple (which was totally and completely experimental and added at the last second) to add the crunch onions would have provided.  This was one of my first times working with ground turkey ever (ewwwww it’s like BRAAAAAIIIIIINSSS).  I’ve been trying to eat more protein lately, because I had to do this dietary inventory thing for my bio class and found out I eat like half as much protein as I’m supposed to, which is bad, and this is a fairly high-protein recipe that’s fast and east to make.  It powered me through a night of studying, anyway.

Sam’s Stirfry:

– about a third of a package of ground turkey

– half a zucchini, chopped (yellow zucchini have been on sale at Trader Joes for like 3 weeks)

– an apple (I chopped it in to 8 slices but then i ate 2.  Side note: I tend to nibble on the ingredients when I’m cooking, which is not really a problem for me, but drives Tyler insane.  Last night we made roasted veggie burritos [ delicious, post coming soon] and I thought he was going to slap my hands away, I ate so many black beans, cheese, and peppers right out of the bowl.)

– 1 egg, scrambled


– salt/ peppers/ seasonings, to taste

Heat some EVOO in a small or medium saucepan.  Add ground turkey, turning frequently so the meat cooks evenly.  Chop zucchini if you haven’t already, and add directly in with turkey.  Chop apple and do the same thing.  Add salt, pepper, seasonings, and more EVOO if you want.  Stir and cook for 5 more minutes, then put the stirfry in a bowl, and cover. Add more EVOO or butter to the saucepan again (keep the heat on; you could be scrambling the eggs in a separate saucepan while you’re making the stirfry, but this way reduces dishes, and scrambles the eggs in the flavor of the stirfry).  Add an egg, and scramble.  When egg is done, add to stirfry, and mix.


Voila! A word of caution; don’t go too heavy on the seasonings (from cooking with Tyler, I tend to go WAY light on spice, since he was right in that last post, I do hate him for physically burning my tongue/ stomach), they can create a weird flavor with the apple.


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