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Caramelized Apples, or, Why I Am a Housewife…

All my classes were cancelled (for the most part) on Tuesday, so I cleaned my room and the bathroom. After I was done belting Reba and scrubbing toilets (my life is SO glamorous), I decided I needed to make something with apples, before they went bad. (I had just bought a bag of green apples and still had red apples left over, and I needed to get rid of them, ASAP. It made sense in my head). Naturally, I surfed the interwebs, and come upon a great idea: caramelized apples. Quick, tasty, and delightful.

So, while Sam was at work, I sent her a text message to sneak out of work and come home to taste them, and I got to work. Cutting the apples into slices, I left the skin one, for extra taste and color. I used two (2) apples, discarding the core and cutting them into thin-ish slices, as thin as I could get using a larger steak knife. Then, I threw a knob (maybe a few centimeters) of butter onto a saucepan, and let it melt. When most of it was melted, I threw in the apples, then sprinkled about three spoons of sugar. You’re gonna want to stir and play around with the heat so the apples don’t burn, and in about five minutes, they should be ready.


Viola! I just love being a housewife.


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