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Roasted veggie wraps, or Sam’s progress in showing Tyler there are other vegetables than peppers

Tyler does this thing called Meatless Mondays. On Saturday, I went grocery shopping for the week at Trader Joes, and found that sweet potatoes were on sale, and then remembered that i LOVED sweet potatoes. Right after my mom and I moved during high school, a neighbor who was originally from Nashville made me sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving, and I still think it’s one of the highlights of that whole year.  That opened up the world of sweet potatoes for me, and I never looked back.

So anyway, Meatless Mondays. As soon as I got home I GoJee’d “sweet potatoes”, and it wasn’t long until I found this recipe for Roasted Veggie & Black Bean burritos.  I texted Tyler basically telling him that he had no choice in eating sweet potatoes over the next week, but he did have a choice in helping me choose recipes, and ran this one by him first. He immediately agreed.  Monday night while I was still at work, he went out and bought black beans, whole wheat tortillas, and one lonely, terror-inducing jalapeno.  My mouth was watering the rest of my shift.

We always have to modify recipes to find a compromise between Tyler’s unflappable desire to spice his tastebuds off, and my inability to handle preparing onions or garlic; so our roasted vegetables ended up being red, yellow, and green peppers, and diced sweet potatoes.  Tyler had the foresight to realize I wanted nothing to do with that scary-ass jalapeno, so he decided to cut it up and add it only to his & his roommate’s wrap, who was dining with us for the occasion.  I washed and skinned the sweet potatoes (we used two), then cut them in to cylinders, and then further in to little wedges (didn’t end up as cubes, woops), while he washed and cut the peppers.  We sprinkled them with olive oil and spices, and then roasted them for about 20 min at 425 degrees, as per the recipe.

Tyler with the vegetables:


When they came out of the oven, they smelled delicious.  Meanwhile, we’d laid out three tortillas, added rinsed black beans (side note: Tyler doesn’t like black beans very much, but I really do, most likely due to the fact that I lived in a Dominican household this summer and learned that, actually, i love everything about Dominican food), and I’d shredded the hell out of a block of mozzarella cheese, short of accidentally getting my fingers stuck in there.  We added the roasted vegetables to the mix, and I guarded my tortilla with the ferocity of a mother bear while Tyler impersonated the chef from The Little Mermaid throwing jalapenos and spices all over his wrap.  Somehow it became my job to fold the poor tortillas into something that stayed resembling a burrito, so as you can imagine, they looked a little wonky.  Once we cooked them (15 min at 375 degrees), though, we served them and they were delicious!!



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