Sometimes, we actually look like we don’t hate each other!

Our names are Tyler and Sam. Our game is feeding ourselves in style.  Any style.  The usual style we seem to be coming up with is cheap, miraculous, and on-the-fly, so we figured we’d at least start documenting our culinary escapades.  Mainly so our parents have proof that the pair of kids who ate at a diner behind our dorms almost every single day of the week last year is actually learning to cook.  Or, trying, at least.

Tyler is from New Jersey.  Sam is from California.  Tyler learned most of his culinary expertise from his Portuguese family members.  Sam learned most of hers from her Italian mother.  They currently reside in midtown Manhattan.  As a result, they do not have any money.  The most expensive thing they buy is EVOO, because Tyler insists he cannot function without it.

The name of this blog was though up by Tyler, who cries at almost everything.  Sam also cries in the kitchen occasionally  but not on purpose: she has a sensitivity to both raw onions and garlic, making her unable to chop them, or really be in the same room as them when they’re being prepared, because her eyes itch, swell, and turn red.  Unfortunately, Tyler has yet to figure out that a meal can be cooked without adding garlic.  One of the many tensions of their friendship.

Also, sometimes they both want to cry with joy when they actually manage to create something spectacular.


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